RWS280 - ESSAY 1 Notes

RWS280 - ESSAY 1 Notes - At least 2 paragraphs to discuss...

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RWS280 ESSAY #1 Subject: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Only use the article and Keys for Writers , no other sources allowed Introduction o Establish subject matter in the very first sentence Sentence 1: Must be about argument or rhetorical appeal Sentence 2: Appeals (suggestion) Sentence 3: Thesis (introduce John Lehrer and “National Treasure”) o Introduction is 3 to 4 sentences Must mention “National Treasure” (note the quotation marks) Body Paragraphs o You may quote Keys for Writers for definitions o You MUST provide specific examples (quotes) from “National Treasure” o DO NOT over-explain the quotes with unnecessary commentary o You MUST have a closing remark to “wrap up” each paragraph CANNOT be a quote o Body Format Define each appeal Examples from “National Treasure” Closing statement Ethos – explain why he was credible or not to make the claim o There must be a minimum of 4 body paragraphs
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Unformatted text preview: At least 2 paragraphs to discuss pathos o Example Body Paragraph Format Body Paragraph 1: Ethos • Introduce the author • All examples are from story 1 Body Paragraph 2: Pathos (Story #1) • One sentence for who the audience is Body Paragraph 3: Pathos (Story #2) • Closing remark = end of pathos Body Paragraph 4: Logos (Story #2) • Conclusion: Reiterate your point about ethos, pathos, and logos o Limit yourself to about 3 sentences PRACTICE INTRODUCTION: Designing a persuasive argument involves effective writing utilizing Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. The main focus of this type of argument is to appeal to your audience in a way that facilitates communication. John Lehrer’s “National Treasure” is a constructive article displaying the different forms of appeal (Ethos, Pathos, and Logos)....
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RWS280 - ESSAY 1 Notes - At least 2 paragraphs to discuss...

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