RWS280 - Essay #1 First Draft

RWS280 - Essay #1 First Draft - Tennyson 1 Bradford...

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Tennyson 1 Bradford Tennyson Professor Dawn Brown RWS 280 3 March 2010 Forms of Appeal Featuring “National Treasure” Designing a persuasive argument involves effective writing utilizing ethos, pathos, and logos. The main focus of this type of argument is to appeal to your audience in a way that facilitates communication. John Lehrer’s “National Treasure” is a constructive article displaying the different forms of appeal (Ethos, Pathos, and Logos). Ethos is the use of ethical reasoning to persuade an audience towards your claim. John Lehrer is a strong supporter of the global warming argument that has been in the news for several years now. From his description of driving throughout Yellowstone, the audience can see that he holds a high respect for nature and its offerings. He describes his experience with much adoration and reverence, “I learned a lot during my 10-day stay, but I wasn’t prepared for how profoundly the park’s untamed nature would affect me” (Lehrer). He speaks about his research over the years and how after this visit, realizing the importance to raising awareness of the issue. Through these examples, John Lehrer represents himself and his sources as reliable, thoughtful sources of information. This creates an ethical appeal with the readers. He seems like a credible source of information based on these expert sources. Lehrer not only utilizes ethos, but also pathos, another level of reasoning. Pathos can be best described as making “an emotional appeal when you try to gain the
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RWS280 - Essay #1 First Draft - Tennyson 1 Bradford...

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