Final-StudyGuide - Ethical Decision Making in Business BA...

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R ICHARD G WINN , MD BA 300 Hybrid (Spring 2010) O FFICE L OCATION : SSE 3368 Study Guide (Final Exam) E MAIL : The final exam will be given promptly at 6:00pm . Two hours and forty minutes are allowed. Graduate students will assist as proctors. Please be on time. If you are not in place when the exam is distributed, you may be asked to wait until distribution of the exam is complete before you are seated. The room assignments are: Monday Sections (1, 2 ands 3): HT-140 Tuesday Sections (4, 5, and 11): EBA-343 Here is a link to the campus map: The material covered will include the videos, assigned readings, slides, and lecture material from the entire course. The focus will be on core concepts, and there will be more analysis. You may encounter some questions that are similar, or even identical, to those on the quizzes or midterms, so it would be a good idea to review those as well. The format of the exam will be similar to the midterm exams. There will be 30 multiple choice questions, and 10 short completion questions. All questions are scored as two points. Ethical Theories and Approaches: The ethical theories are core material for the course. It is essential that for each theory, you know the decision rule, the major advantages and disadvantages, and the primary focus of the theory. For example, the focus of Utilitarianism is on consequences, for Rawls it is social justice, and for Nozick it is individual rights. The focus of consequentialist theories is on outcomes, and the focus of deontological theories is on rights and duties. Approaches/Theories Utilitarianism Theory of Rights Objectivism Ethic of Care Categorical Imperative Integrative Social Contracts Theory Theory of Justice Virtue Ethics Ethical Theories: Know the decision rule(s) Know the major characteristics, assumptions, and terms Understand major focus of each theory and the person associated with the theory Know the major advantages of each theory and the major problem with each theory Be able to recognize the use of the theory or reasoning process in a scenario Know the difference between consequentialism and deontology This information comes from many parts of the course, but the slides provide a good summary of many of these concepts related to the theories . 1
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Final-StudyGuide - Ethical Decision Making in Business BA...

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