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Ethical Decision Making in Business R ICHARD G WINN , MD BA 300 Hybrid (Spring 2010) O FFICE L OCATION : SSE 3368 Study Guide (Final Exam - Supplement) E MAIL : [email protected] The following items should be added to your study for the final exam. These items are a result of new questions that have been added to the question databank for the final exam. Stakeholder and Shareholder orientation: Understand the difference between a stakeholder and shareholder orientation in business, and how this relates to the various theories we have studied. Behavioral Expectations and Associations: Understand what kinds of behaviors would be expected of individuals who are making their decisions in accordance with the various theories considered in this course.
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Unformatted text preview: Understand the behaviors and attitudes that would be associated with the cognitive biases that we have studied. There are no page references for the above topics because they are common to many discussions and areas in the course. Note that they require an understanding of the material, and cannot just me memorized . A summary of the issues above may be found in the Final Exam Review PowerPoint, which will be posted on March 16. Also, I highly recommend the following link to review the concept of stakeholder orientation: 1...
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