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Non Prof Final 10 24 06 - Law of Non Profit Corporations...

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Law of Non Profit Corporations Fall 2006 Prof Jesse J. Avila Final Examination October 24, 2006 Please do not turn the page until advised to do so. If you are writing this test, please place your pin number on your answer booklet before beginning your answer. This is a closed book examination. THERE ARE TWO QUESTIONS. ANSWER BOTH QUESTIONS. Your answers should address all applicable legal issues. Your answers will also be graded according to reasoning ability, application of applicable legal concepts to the facts, and progression to a conclusion or resolution of the problem or question presented. Please make your answers legible. You have the full class period in which to complete all your answers. All questions carry the same point value (i.e., are weighted equally). You may leave the examination room without asking. But if you do leave the room, do not consult materials of any kind or discuss the examination with anyone.
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Law of Non Profit Corporations Fall 2006 Final Examination Question 1 Pastors For Life (Pastors) is a non profit corporation comprised of ministers from various denominations. Its articles say, inter alia, that its primary purpose is to eradicate abortion, except where necessary to save a pregnant woman’s life. Its articles authorize it to pursue all lawful activities to accomplish its primary purpose, including without limitation, preaching, public presentations, public education, academic and social research, raising funds, etc. Pastors’ has a large paid staff and a very large number of volunteers who regularly assist at its principal office. The offices are located in the City’s fringe, and restaurants and other venues are difficult to access. Pastors opened a small deli and canteen in its office building to serve its burgeoning staff. Pastors shares an office complex with a surgical center and clinic run by a religious
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Non Prof Final 10 24 06 - Law of Non Profit Corporations...

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