2007 Final Exam Employment Law

2007 Final Exam Employment Law - 1EMPLOYMENT LAW SUMMER...

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1EMPLOYMENT LAW SUMMER 2007 PROFESSOR JASON HAMM FINAL EXAMINATION – JULY 16, 2007 TIME: 2 HOURS This is an open book, open note exam. There are 2 sections. There is one question in section 1, and two questions in section 2. Answer all of the questions in each section. Each section has a suggested approximate amount of time to spend on it. This is just a rough estimate. You are free to allocate your time however you wish. If your analysis for any question depends on facts that are not yet known, then identify what facts are needed and how they would affect the analysis. There are 100 points possible. There are 3 pages total, including this cover page. Do not put your name on your answers. Use your identification number instead. Good Luck! Page 1 of 3
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Section I (approx. 60 minutes) Read the following scenario and answer the question below. Jim lives and works in a small town in the Midwest. Seeking to earn more money, he interviews with Acme Consulting Company in Los Angeles. After the interview, Acme writes Jim a letter with a job offer. The letter is signed by Nancy, who would be Jim’s new supervisor at Acme, if he accepts. The letter states that Jim will be an “at will” employee and does not mention any specific duration of time that the job will last. Jim accepts the offer, quits his old job and moves to Los Angeles to work for Acme.
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2007 Final Exam Employment Law - 1EMPLOYMENT LAW SUMMER...

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