philososphy of religion 7 - Jamie Yeates Philosophy of...

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Jamie Yeates Philosophy of Religion 10-26-2010 David Hume Hume was a major thinker in the scottish enlightenment and is considered one of  the   greatest philosophers of all time. Hume's dialogues concerning natural religion were applauded as the most  sophisticated  and elegant philisophical dialogue writen in English. There are three principle speakers in the Dialgues Demea Cleanthes Philo Deamea is something of a dogmatist he defends the existence of God on a priori grounds and in the way that refects a Leibnizian approach Cleanthes believes that experience provides evidence for the existence of a diety  a diety that is immensely powerful and benovollent possibly reflecting the approach of William Paley Philo was probably Hume's protagonist He is a skeptic who attempts to rebut arguements for God from reason and experience Dialogues contain two renditions of the problem of evil
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The claim that "God exists" and "evil exists" arestogically incompatable since we can be sure that evil does exist, we can be sure
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philososphy of religion 7 - Jamie Yeates Philosophy of...

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