Chapter 7 - The Sociology of Sustainable Development

According to the uss representative to iso the

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Unformatted text preview: e transition to a more ecologically sound economy.”62 Corporate signers pledge to participate in environmental reporting and ongoing improvement. These are voluntary actions that are also driven by the fact that in today’s culture, a green image sells. At first, only small corporations like Ben and Jerry’s and Aveda signed the principles. However, since 1993, over fifty corporations have signed including American Airlines, Bethlehem Steel, Coca-Cola, General Motors, and Sunoco. Other voluntary corporate measures such as CERES exist. For example, in response to the Earth Summit’s call for sustainable development, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a framework (ISO 14000) for industries to use to measure and evaluate their environmental program intended to promote “sustainable business development.” According to the U.S.’s representative to ISO, the American National Standards Institute, “These international standards are voluntary standards for establishment of a common worldwide approach to management systems that will lead to the protection of the earth’s environment while spurring international trade and commerce. They will serve as tools to manage corporate environmental programs and provide an internationally recognized framework to measure, evaluate, and audit these programs.”63 The Voluntary Simplicity Movement In addition to corporate strategies for sustainable development, there are conservative strategies that are more value-based and individually directed. Proponents of the voluntary simplicity movement, which is connected to the philosophy of deep ecology, promote behaviors that could be considered conservative strategies for sustainable development. In the United States, some of the key national organizations that lead the voluntary simplicity movement are the Northwest Earth Institute in Portland, Oregon; the New Road Map Foundation in Seattle, Washington; and the Center for a New American Dream in Takoma Park, Maryland. Founded in 1993, the Northwest Earth Institute describes itsel...
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