Chapter 7 - The Sociology of Sustainable Development

Founded in 1977 the purpose of the homestead is for

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Unformatted text preview: evelopment integrates the social, economic and physical aspects of 236 neighborhood life to be sustainable over the long term. Eco-villagers intend to achieve and demonstrate high-fulfillment, low-impact living patterns, to reduce the burden on government, and to increase neighborhood self-reliance in a variety of areas such as livelihood, food production, energy and water use, affordable housing, transit, recreation, waste reduction and education. We also plan to convert the housing in the neighborhood from rental to permanently affordable cooperative ownership” ( The village gardens, composts, reuses materials, has an environmental education program for children, and has weekly community potlucks to develop a sense of community. Efforts to create sustainable communities can also be found on college campuses. For example, at Denison University, students, faculty, and administrators created “The Homestead,” an alternative living option for twelve students. Founded in 1977, the purpose of the Homestead is for students to live in a cooperative manner utilizing an agriculture-based, low technology lifestyle. A primary objective is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and mass production. Students live “off the grid” in solarpowered cabins, grow their own organic food, raise chickens, ride their bikes to campus, and engage in participatory democracy. Residents and members of the Denison community are currently building a community center on the Homestead land out of strawbales and cob. Other efforts are being made outside the intentional communities label. A good resource is the Sustainable Communities Network ( SOURCE: Intentional Communities website ( THE SOCIOLOGY OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 237 paradigm, developers secure the place of economic growth and progress as the international development strategy without deeply questioning what development means or whom development should benefit. In this way, sustainable development is not a signif...
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