Chapter 7 - The Sociology of Sustainable Development

Promoting and protecting biodiversity holistic

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Unformatted text preview: s of production and consumption Environmentally regulated market; changes in patterns of production and consumption Market reliant environmental policy; changes in patterns of consumption Exponential growth Ideal Model of sustainable development Strong sustainable development Weak sustainable development Treadmill Global markets and global economy Initial moves to local economic self-sufficiency; minor initiatives to alleviate the power of global markets Heightened local economic self-sufficiency, promoted in the context of global markets Bioregionalism; extensive local selfsufficiency Geographical Focus Resource exploitation Replacing finite resources with capital; exploitation of renewable resources Environmental management and protection Promoting and protecting biodiversity Nature No change Sector-driven approach Environmental policy integration across sectors Holistic intersectoral integration Policies and Sectoral Integration Capitalintensive production technologies; progressive automation End-of-pipe technical solutions; mixed labourand capitalintensive technology Clean technology; product life-cycle management; mixed labourand capitalintensive technology Labour-intensive appropriate technology Technology SOURCE: Baker et al., 1997. Used by permission of International Thompson Publishing Services, Ltd. Role of Economy and Nature of Growth Approach in Sustainable Development Table 7.1 Another Conception of Sustainable Development No change Minimal amendments to institutions Some restructuring of institutions Decentralization of political, legal, social and economic institutions Institutions Conventional accounting Token use of environmental indicators; limited range of market-led policy tools Advanced use of sustainability indicators; wide range of policy tools Full range of policy tools; sophisticated use of indicators extending to social dimensions Policy Instruments and Tools Equity not an issue Equity a marginal issue Strengthened redistribution policy Inter- and intragenerational equity Redistribution Very limited dialogue bet...
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