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Section 3 - Conflict Theories - SOCIOLOGY SOCI 1002 CONFL...

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SOCIOLOGY – SOCI 1002 CONFLICT PERSPECTIVE macro perspective The conflict view of society sees it as divided into groups or classes whose interests conflict with each other. Emphasizes competition over the control of scarce resources (wealth, power, prestige) Assumes society is a system created and maintained through struggle and conflict, and that economic power relations are the key driving forces in all social life Conflict is inevitable and can be beneficial (leads to social change) Argues that institutions foster and legitimizes the power and privilege of some individuals and groups at the expense of others . Page 1 of 4
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SOCIOLOGY – SOCI 1002 Karl Marx Marxism is often referred to as conflict theory. Marx was an economic determinist. Societies are characterized by struggles for power. Social order is achieved by one group being dominant over all others. Economic dominance of the bourgeoisie is reflected in the fact that they can also dictate the norms in society.
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