Section 7 - Race & Ethnicity - Race Ethnicity Race...

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Race - biological concept.  It refers to the external physical  characteristics of people Ethnicity - this describes people’s cultural characteristics.  Members of  an ethnic group have a common identity; share a common culture and a sense of  belonging with each other.  Ethnicity can only be properly defined in relation to a  particular social context (patterns of interaction, history are different from one  society to another). Factors, which determine ethnic classification a. Nationality b. Language c. Race  d. Religion Group/members   can   easily   be   identified   because   of   socialization.     Culture   is   not   genetically  transmitted, but it is learnt behaviour which one acquires through interaction with others. Societies  vary in terms of size and complexity.  Some have more ethnic differentiation than others.  Through  influences such as the mass media, a population may become homogeneous but still differentiated.   Racism - falsely attributing inherited characteristics of  personality   or   behaviour   to   individuals   of   a   particular   physical 
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Section 7 - Race & Ethnicity - Race Ethnicity Race...

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