Quiz 3A 10.15.10

Quiz 3A 10.15.10 - 3 ONa 2. H 3 O + workup (mild...

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1 Quiz 3 Name 15 October 2010 Chemistry 262 1. [9 pts] Provide an electron pushing mechanism for the reaction below. (Do not feel obliged to fill all the white space on this page. There is more room than you need.) OEt O O OEt O O Ph (E+ Z isomers) H O 10 mol% Et 2 NH EtOH +
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2 2. [2 pts] What is the major organic product of the following reaction? (Choose one.) 4. [4 pts] Raul, a chemist at Pharmacorp, needed to prepare a dipeptide containing both lysine and valine. He examined the amino acids and decided that one possible dipeptide would be easy to make, while the other would be harder to prepare. Raul prepared the easier dipeptide. (Select the two true statements about his synthesis.) 1. 1.0 equiv. CH
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Unformatted text preview: 3 ONa 2. H 3 O + workup (mild conditions) a b ANSWER: _____ OEt O EtO OEt O O + EtO O OEt O O EtO O O EtO O OEt O O OEt O O OEt HO O OH O HO O O c d e f a. The pI of valine is lower than that of lysine. b. Raul protected valine with Boc, Cbz, or a similar group c. Raul prepared the dipeptide val-lys. d. Both amino acids have R configurations at their ! carbons. e. DCC activated the carboxyl group of an appropriately protected lysine. f. The amino acids above are illustrated as they would exist at pH = 1.0. ANSWERS: _____ _____ Mystery Depeptide H 3 N O O valine val H 3 N O O lysine lys H 3 N 1. protection reactions 2. DCC coupling 3. deprotection reactions and...
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Quiz 3A 10.15.10 - 3 ONa 2. H 3 O + workup (mild...

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