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ExtendingClasses - setUnits(0 Override toString method of...

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Build classes that extend functionality of existing class Say we want to define Frosh as a subclass of Student Frosh have all the same properties as Students Frosh start with 0 units We specially designate "Frosh" in string display of object Just because your RAs love you! Extending Classes public class Frosh extends Student { public Frosh(String name, int id) { super(name, id); // calls Student constructor
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Unformatted text preview: setUnits(0); } // Override toString method of Student public String toString() { // studentID and studentName are private, // so they are not directly accessible, even // in subclass! Must use public "getters". return ("Frosh: " + getName() + " (#" + getID() + ")"); } } • Everything else is inherited from Student Extending Classes...
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