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CheckerboardKarel - if(leftIsClear turnLeft if(frontIsClear...

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/* * File: CheckerboardKarel.java * ---------------------------- * When you finish writing it, the CheckerboardKarel class should draw * a checkerboard using beepers, as described in Assignment 1. You * should make sure that your program works for all of the sample * worlds supplied in the starter folder. */ import stanford.karel.*; public class CheckerboardKarel extends SuperKarel { public void run(){ putBeeper(); if(frontIsClear()) while(frontIsClear()) { if(frontIsClear()) move(); handleWallsAndMove(); } // When only one column is present else oneColumn(); } private void climbEast(){ turnLeft(); if(frontIsClear()){ move1StepPutBeeper(); turnLeft(); } } private void climbWest(){ turnRight(); if(frontIsClear()){ move1StepPutBeeper(); turnRight(); } } private void climbEastForOddRowNumber(){
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Unformatted text preview: if(leftIsClear()) turnLeft(); if(frontIsClear()){ move(); turnLeft(); if(frontIsClear()) move1StepPutBeeper(); } } private void move1StepPutBeeper() { move(); putBeeper(); } private void handleWallsAndMove(){ if(frontIsClear()){ move1StepPutBeeper(); // When odd row no -- two steps are taken and wall is encountered if(frontIsBlocked()) climbEastForOddRowNumber(); } // When even row no - one step is taken and wall is encountered else if(leftIsClear()&&facingEast()) climbEast(); else if(rightIsClear()&&facingWest()) climbWest(); } private void oneColumn(){ if(leftIsClear()) turnLeft(); while(frontIsClear()) { if(frontIsClear()) move(); if(frontIsClear()) move1StepPutBeeper(); } } }...
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