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MidpointFindingKarel - import stanford.karel public class...

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/* * File: MidpointFindingKarel.java * ------------------------------- * When you finish writing it, the MidpointFindingKarel class should * leave a beeper on the corner closest to the center of 1st Street * (or either of the two central corners if 1st Street has an even * number of corners). Karel can put down additional beepers as it * looks for the midpoint, but must pick them up again before it * stops. The world may be of any size, but you are allowed to * assume that it is at least as tall as it is wide.
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Unformatted text preview: */ import stanford.karel.*; public class MidpointFindingKarel extends SuperKarel { public void run(){ /* int i; for(i=1;frontIsClear();i++){ move(); } turnAround(); for(int j=0;j<(i/2);j++) move(); putBeeper(); */ putBeeper(); while(frontIsClear()){ move(); } turnAround(); while(noBeepersPresent()){ if(noBeepersPresent()) putBeeper(); if(frontIsClear()) move(); while(noBeepersPresent()&&frontIsClear()) move(); pickBeeper(); turnAround(); if(frontIsClear()) move(); } } }...
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