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Target - GOval oval = new GOval(x-0.65*radius y-0.65*radius...

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/* * File: Target.java * Name: * Section Leader: * ----------------- * This file is the starter file for the Target problem. */ import acm.graphics.*; import acm.program.*; import java.awt.*; i public class Target extends GraphicsProgram { p public void run() { p int x=getWidth()/2; int y=100; int radius=72; GOval outeroval = new GOval(x-radius, y-radius, 2*radius, 2*radius); outeroval.setFillColor(Color.RED); outeroval.setFilled(true); outeroval.setColor(Color.WHITE);
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Unformatted text preview: GOval oval = new GOval(x-0.65*radius, y-0.65*radius, 2*0.65*radius, 2*0.65*radius); oval.setFillColor(Color.WHITE); oval.setFilled(true); oval.setColor(Color.WHITE); GOval inneroval = new GOval(x-0.3*radius, y-0.3*radius, 2*0.3*radius, 2*0.3*radius); inneroval.setFillColor(Color.RED); inneroval.setFilled(true); inneroval.setColor(Color.WHITE); add(outeroval); add(oval); add(inneroval); } }...
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