E10RLVRT - { time=t; } void display() {

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#include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<string.h> # class media { protected: char title[30]; float price; public: media(char*s,float a) { strcpy(title,s); price=a; } virtual void display(){} }; } class book:public media { int pages; public: book(char*s,float a,int p):media(s,a) { pages=p; } void display() { cout<<"\ntitle"<<title<<"\nprice"<<price<<"\npages"<<pages; } }; } class tape:public media { float time; public: tape(char *s,float a,float t):media(s,a)
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Unformatted text preview: { time=t; } void display() { cout&lt;&lt;&quot;\ntitle&quot;&lt;&lt;title&lt;&lt;&quot;\nprice&quot;&lt;&lt;price&lt;&lt;&quot;\ntime&quot;&lt;&lt;time; } }; } main() { char *title = new char[30]; float price,time; int pages; cin&gt;&gt;title&gt;&gt;price&gt;&gt;pages; book book1(title,price,pages); cin&gt;&gt;title&gt;&gt;price&gt;&gt;time; tape tape1(title,price,time); media *list[2]; list[0]=&amp;book1; list[1]=&amp;tape1; (*list[0]).display(); (*list[1]).display(); return 0; }...
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E10RLVRT - { time=t; } void display() {

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