ARST1 - #include<stdio.h> # #include<string.h>...

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#include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> # #define max 5 # struct customer { int cid; char name[30]; }; } void add(struct customer *a[], int *c) { //add struct customer *p; int i,flag=0; if(*c<(max-1)) { p=(struct customer *)malloc(sizeof(*p)); printf("\nEnter The customer ID:"); scanf("%d",&p->cid); printf("\nEnter The customer NAME:"); scanf("%s",p->name); for(i=0;i<=*c;i++) { printf("\nThe customer details are \n"); printf("Id:%d\n",a[i]->cid); printf("Name:%s\n",a[i]->name); if(p->cid==a[i]->cid) { printf("\nThe customer id already exists"); flag=1; break; } } if(flag==0) { (*c)++; a[*c]=p; } } else{ printf("Array is full");} } void del(struct customer *a[], int *c) { //delete struct customer *p; int i,y=0,z; p=(struct customer *)malloc(sizeof(*p)); printf("Enter the customer id to be deleted");
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scanf("%d",&p->cid); for(i=0;i<=*c;i++) { if(p->cid==a[i]->cid) { y=1; z=i; break; } } if(y==0) { printf("\nThe customer id does not exist"); printf("\nEnter the customer name to be deleted"); scanf("%s",p->name);
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ARST1 - #include&lt;stdio.h&gt; # #include&lt;string.h&gt;...

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