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L #include <stdio.h> # struct customer { int id; char name[30]; }; } void main() { FILE *stream; struct customer s[10],q[10]; int z,i=0,j; clrscr(); do{ printf("Enter Customer ID:"); scanf("%d",&s[i].id); printf("Enter Customer NAME:"); scanf("%s",s[i].name); stream = fopen("customer.txt", "w+"); fwrite(&s, sizeof(s), 1, stream);
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Unformatted text preview: printf(&quot;\nPress 0 to add more&quot;); scanf(&quot;%d&quot;,&amp;z); i++; }while(z==0); fseek(stream, SEEK_SET, 0); // fprintf(stream, &quot;\nId:%d \nName:%s &quot;,,; / fread(&amp;q, sizeof(s), 1, stream); for(j=i;j&gt;0;j--) printf(&quot;\nID:%d \nNAME:%s&quot;,q[j].id,q[j].name); fclose(stream); getch(); }...
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