File Organization - File Organization 1. A file is...

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1. A file is organized logically as a sequence of records. 2. Records are mapped onto disk blocks. 3. Files are provided as a basic construct in operating systems, so we assume the existence of an underlying file system . 4. Blocks are of a fixed size determined by the operating system. 5. Record sizes vary. 6. In relational database, tuples of distinct relations may be of different sizes. 7. One approach to mapping database to files is to store records of one length in a given file. 8. An alternative is to structure files to accommodate variable-length records. (Fixed-length is easier to implement.) Fixed-Length Records Variable-Length Records o Byte string representation o Fixed-length representation Fixed-Length Records 1. Consider a file of deposit records of the form: 2. aaaaaaaaaaaa¯ type deposit = record 3. 4. bname : char(22); 5. 6. account# : char(10); 7. 8. balance : real; 9. 10. end 11. o If we assume that each character occupies one byte, an integer occupies 4 bytes, and a real 8 bytes, our deposit record is 40 bytes long. o The simplest approach is to use the first 40 bytes for the first record, the next 40 bytes for the second, and so on. o However, there are two problems with this approach. o It is difficult to delete a record from this structure. o
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File Organization - File Organization 1. A file is...

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