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$ SET SOURCEFORMAT"FREE" IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. PROGRAM-ID. SeqWrite. AUTHOR. Michael Coughlan. * Example program showing how to create a sequential file * using the ACCEPT and the WRITE verbs. * Note: In this version of COBOL pressing the Carriage Return (CR) * without entering any data results in StudentDetails being filled * with spaces. ENVIRONMENT DIVISION. INPUT-OUTPUT SECTION. FILE-CONTROL. SELECT StudentFile ASSIGN TO "STUDENTS.DAT" ORGANIZATION IS LINE SEQUENTIAL. DATA DIVISION. FILE SECTION. FD StudentFile. 01 StudentDetails. 02 StudentId PIC 9(7). 02 StudentName. 03 Surname PIC X(8). 03 Initials
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Unformatted text preview: PIC XX. 02 DateOfBirth. 03 YOBirth PIC 9(4). 03 MOBirth PIC 9(2). 03 DOBirth PIC 9(2). 02 CourseCode PIC X(4). 02 Gender PIC X. PROCEDURE DIVISION. Begin. OPEN OUTPUT StudentFile DISPLAY "Enter student details using template below. Enter no data to end." PERFORM GetStudentDetails PERFORM UNTIL StudentDetails = SPACES WRITE StudentDetails PERFORM GetStudentDetails END-PERFORM CLOSE StudentFile STOP RUN. GetStudentDetails. DISPLAY "Enter - StudId, Surname, Initials, YOB, MOB, DOB, Course, Gender" DISPLAY "NNNNNNNSSSSSSSSIIYYYYMMDDCCCCG" ACCEPT StudentDetails....
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