exp4 - 1 RISHI 1000 1 AGARWAL 7000 3 DRAGON 50000 4 CS...

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Aim : To study Aggregate functions RISHI AGARWAL ROLL NO 02 SE CMPN A create table rishi(Sr_no int,C_Name varchar(30),Amt int); insert into rishi values(001,'RISHI',1000); insert into rishi values(001,'AGARWAL',7000); insert into rishi values(003,'DRAGON',50000); insert into rishi values(004,'CS',20000); select *from rishi;
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Unformatted text preview: 1 RISHI 1000 1 AGARWAL 7000 3 DRAGON 50000 4 CS 20000 select avg(Amt) from rishi; 19500 select Sr_no,avg(Amt) from rishi group by Sr_no; 1 4000 3 50000 4 20000 select min(Amt) from rishi; 1000 select max(Amt) from rishi; 50000 select sum(Amt) from rishi; 78000 select count(*) from rishi; 4...
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