Test3 Rishi - a) True b) False F. A null value is assigned...

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SUBJECT: DBS TIME : 10 min. MARKS : 10 TEST-3 OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTIONS TEST NOTE: Underline the correct answer for each question A. A transitive dependency is which of the following? a) A functional dependency between two or more key attributes b) A functional dependency between two or more nonkey attributes c) A relation that is in first normal form.     d) A relation that is in second normal form. B. An enterprise key is a primary key whose value is unique for a given relation. a) True b) False C. Normalization is a formal process for deciding which attributes should be grouped  together in a relation. a) True b) False D. Well-structured relations encourage anomalies of data. a) True b) False E. A composite attribute does not get mapped into a relation
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Unformatted text preview: a) True b) False F. A null value is assigned when no other value applies a) True b) False G. A candidate key must uniquely identify each row. a) True b) False H. The primary key of the new relation in a many-to-many relationship is a composite key comprised of the primary keys of each of the binary entities. a) True b) False I. Weak entities do not get mapped into a relation. a) True b) False J. Data manipulation language (DML) commands are used to define a database, including creating, altering, and dropping tables and establishing constraints. a) True b) False *********************** END* **********************...
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Test3 Rishi - a) True b) False F. A null value is assigned...

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