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POLS 4510 Review Sheet For Exam One - This is a general outline only, and you are responsible for all of the material covered in the readings and in class. Exam will consist of 30-35 multiple choice questions and a few open ended / short answer questions (pick 5 or 6 out of 9 or 10). Reference Erikson and Tedin and the notes when considering the following topics. Notes posted at http://emwilk.myweb.uga.edu/POLS4510.html Public Opinion. Definition of public opinion. Components of public opinion: affect vs. cognition. 5 models of public opinion and democracy. Polling. 1936 Literary Digest poll. What are focus groups? Deliberative polling. Internet polling. What are some of the problems with polling: measurement error, sampling error, intensity, question wording effects, non-attitudes, etc. Random vs. non random samples. Types of probability samples. Sampling error. Why don’t most polls include more than 1,000 respondents? Random digit dialing. Closed-ended vs. open-ended questions. 7 types of
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