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4510exam2review - POLS 4510 Review Sheet For Exam Two This...

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POLS 4510 Review Sheet For Exam Two - This is a general outline only, and you are responsible for all of the material covered in the readings and in class. Exam will consist of 30-35 multiple choice questions and a few open ended / short answer questions (pick 5 or 6 out of 9 or 10). Reference Erikson and Tedin and the notes when considering the following topics. Notes posted at http://emwilk.myweb.uga.edu/POLS4510.html Polarization and “Culture War” : What is Fiorina’s main contention? What evidence does he present? Be able to distinguish the concept of “sorting” from polarization. Evidence that all states vote both red & blue to a certain degree. What are some of the problems with the conclusions Fiorina draws from his evidence? If we aren’t polarized, then according to Fiorina, why does everyone think we are? What are the counter-arguments to Fiorina? Identify some evidence that suggests the electorate is polarized. Trends of ideology over time; trends over time by non-voters vs. voters vs. activists. Trends in “activism” as defined by Abramowitz.
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