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Hypotheses - a White a hypothesis relating the first two...

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POLS 4150 Handout: Generating Testable Hypotheses Exercise 3-1. The following series of statements can be reformulated into useful hypotheses. For each statement, indicate why it needs reformulation and then reformulate it. 1. Northern Ireland has experienced conflict because of religious differences 2. The poor and alienated are unlikely to vote 3. Senator Saxby Chambliss won his re-election bid because he outspent his opponent 4. Levels of government corruption is related to voter cynicism Exercise 3-2. Below are sets of 3 variables. In the space that follows each set, respond to the following items.
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Unformatted text preview: a) White a hypothesis relating the first two variables. b) Identify the independent and dependent variables c) State how you expect the third variable to affect the hypothesized relationship d) draw an arrow diagram including all three variables e) determine whether the third variable is an antecedent or an intervening variable. 1. Likelihood of voting in upcoming election General interest in politics Number of visits to political websites 2. Representative’s perception of constituent preferences Representative’s roll call voting behavior Constituent preferences...
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