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4150Exam2Review - POLS4150 Introduction to Political...

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POLS4150: Introduction to Political Science – Review Sheet for Exam #2 The following is a general list of topics, concepts, and issues which you should know when preparing for the exam. If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to email me at [email protected] Intro to Statistics Terms / Topics: When to use mean, median, or mode. Normal distribution vs. skewed distributions. Properties of the normal distribution. Z-score. Be able to Calculate: Mean, median mode. Range, variance, standard deviation (for samples and populations). Z-scores and area under the normal curve using Z-scores (know how to use Appendix A). Samples and populations. Terms: random samples vs. non-random samples and scientific inference, population parameters vs. sample statistics, frequency distribution, sample distribution, sampling error, standard error of the mean, probability vs. non-probability samples, making generalizations from samples to populations, confidence intervals, 95% confidence intervals vs. 95% confidence intervals. Confidence intervals for proportions.
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