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Unformatted text preview: NAME: POLS 4150 RESEARCH METHODS FOR POLITICAL SCIENCE Homework assignment #1 DUE: Beginning of class on Friday, September 17 (hand it in before class or slide it under my office door at 109B Baldwin Hall Questions 1 and 2: Read the following editorial. Identify two statements that can be rewritten as testable hypotheses. For each of these statements, formulate a simple research hypothesis that lends itself to empirical testing and answer the questions that follow for each statement. You may work collaboratively but every student must turn in a separate set of answers. Democracy Withers in Rhode Island Citizens get back what they put into representative democracy. That is the systems greatest strength, and its greatest weakens. If citizens care enough to get out and vote, if they arm themselves with information, learn how to see through propaganda, find the courage to speak out against corruption, and even run for office, they get a responsive and reasonably honest government. If they fail in large numbers to do any of those things, they get the kind of government Rhode Island (too often) has. The headline of a July 9 story by Scott MacKay says it all: Its no contest; Democracy is withering in Rhode Island. Voter apathy is rampant. More than 40 percent of those now in the General Assembly are running unopposed, more than at any time during the last 50 years. (How much do you think these members worry about what the public wants?) And the opposition party which might challenge and expose those in power is moribund, unable to field...
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