POLS4150Syllabus - FALL 2010 POLS 4150 RESEARCH METHODS IN...

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FALL 2010 POLS 4150 – RESEARCH METHODS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE ( 90595 ) Instructor: Prof. Eric M. Wilk Classroom: 147 Miller Center Office: 109B Baldwin Hall Course Hours: M W F: 1:25pm – 2:15pm Contact info: [email protected] / 706-542-2958 Office Hours: T: 2 – 4 Course Description This course provides students with an introduction to the methodologies used by political scientists to study the political world. Upon conclusion of the class, you will be able to pose research questions and provide a statistical answer to them. In addition to dealing with math problems, the course will also deal with statistical concepts themselves and how best to employ these when answering questions in the social sciences. We will also review the steps that political scientists go through when conducting research including the selection of research questions, development of research design, gathering of data, and data analysis. The emphasis of this course will be on encouraging students to become more critical consumers of political information, and on providing a foundation for conducting their own research. Just as in any other science, political scientists do not merely describe the political world, but are instead interested in explaining and predicting political phenomena. C OURSE P REREQUISITES POLS 1101 – American Government This is an upper division class so you should have had a few substantive political science courses. Familiarity with and an understanding of basic arithmetic is assumed and you should be comfortable with fractions, decimals, squares and square roots. Anything else you need to know will be taught along the way. R
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This note was uploaded on 10/25/2010 for the course POLI 4150 taught by Professor Wilk during the Fall '10 term at UGA.

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POLS4150Syllabus - FALL 2010 POLS 4150 RESEARCH METHODS IN...

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