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POLS4150: Research Methods in Political Science – Review Sheet for Exam #1 The following is a general list of topics, concepts, and issues which you should know when preparing for the exam. If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to email me at [email protected] Chapters 1 – 2: Introduction / Studying Politics Scientifically Terms: Empirical research, objective observation, empirical verification, transmissible, generalizability, probabilistic explanation, independent variable, dependent variable, theory, hypothesis, observable implications. Topics: Induction vs. deduction, 8 characteristics of scientific knowledge that we discussed in class, applied vs. theoretical research, limits of scientific approach, normative vs. non-normative statements, qualitative vs. quantitative research. Chapter 3: Hypotheses, concepts, variables. Terms: units of analysis, antecedent variable, intervening variable, level of analysis (individual vs. aggregate), ecological fallacy, multiple causality, complex causality, circular causality, necessary and sufficient conditions, internal validity, external validity.
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