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POLS 4150 Handout: Identifying Units of Analysis Exercise 3-6. For each hypothesis, identify the units of analysis along with the independent and dependent variables. 1. The amount of traffic fatalities within states decreases as states decrease the speed limit. 2. People living in urban areas are more likely to identify with the Democratic Party than are those living in the suburbs. 3. Counties with more complex voting machines have lower turnout than those with simple machines. 4. As a city’s population density increases so does the average expected commute time. 5. Housing prices increase along with square footage.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. The average baseball player can increase their expected salary by increasing the number of home runs they hit. 7. Those who identify strongly with a political party decide on who they will vote for earlier than those who do not strongly identify with a party. 8. The number of alliances a nation has increases the likelihood of going to war with another nation. 9. Cities with higher unemployment rates tend to have higher crime rates. 10. People tend to affiliate themselves with the same political party as their parents....
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