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POLS 4150 Handout: Identifying Units of Analysis and Variables Exercise 3-4. For each of the following hypotheses identify the variables, units of analysis, and the nature of the relationship. 1. The greater the inequality in the ownership of land in countries, the greater the civil strife. Units: Countries IVAR: Ownership inequality DVAR: civil strife 2. Women are more likely to oppose capital punishment than men. Units: Individuals IVAR: gender DVAR: opinions on capital punishment 3. Local television news stories are more likely to be about crime than network news stories. Units: news stories IVAR: type of stories (local or network) DVAR: content of stories (crime or other topic) 4. The proportion of the statewide vote a party receives determines the proportion of seats it receives in the state legislature. Units: Parties IVAR: % of statewide vote DVAR: # of seats in legislature 5. Daughters tend to acquire their interest in politics from their mothers. Units: Women
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