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CheckPoint: Capstone Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following questions: 1. Now that you have finished your research paper, what advice would you provide for students starting this course? 2. What would you do differently if you were just starting the course? On what would you focus more? On what would you focus less? Explain your answers. In beginning this course I would say be on time with home work assignments. Once added up people would be surprise how much better their grade could have been if paper were submitted on time. I would suggest reading all required homework assignments, and if in need of help immediately ask the instructor questions. Rather then waiting and risking forgetting to ask. If I was just starting this class I would have thoroughly looked over the syllabus. I am impatient, and tend to quickly look over EVERYTHING. Just two days ago I noticed at the button of the syllabus, there was a calendar. This
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Unformatted text preview: calendar clearly stated when assignments were due; however, me being me I did not look through the entire syllabus. This has also been the first class that did not do the traditional syllabus. This is no excuse, but my peers also had problems with the syllabus too. I would focus more on the syllabus. I was careless and missed assignments, because I would only look the course syllabus and not the calendar as well. I would not focus so much on trying to comment on everyone’s comments. I should have done four and moved on to the next assignment. As along as I have two good post I was ok, and if I don’t post on other days I still could have good a low grade in participation. To sum everything up. I became use to one way previous classes operated, and when I was given something new I did not do well. In the future I will be more precise, and accurate....
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