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Townsend, A & Pawlowski, A (2007) . Girl, 14, fled abuse, ‘mind control’ of polygamy. CNN.com/ US, Retrieved on October 8, 2009, from http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/law/09/11/fleeing.polygamy.hammon/index.html This website contained information for someone that was raised in a polygamist home. Sarah Hammon talks about her 19 mothers and 74 siblings, and how she was molested by her father, yet, he could never remember her name. Ms. Hammon speaks about her father asking her – her name and who was her mother to identify if she was indeed one of his children. This is a chilling article yet informative and education. The Church Of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints, Polygamy: Latter-day Saints and the practice of Plural Marriage, retrived October 7, 2009, from http://newsroom.lds.org/ This website contains information about the beginning of polygamy. Lds.org explore
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Unformatted text preview: many difference sides to polygamy. This website explains once the civil law made polygamy illegal so did the church. Mormons focus more on monogamy. This website as explains the divisions of the two church. The Church Of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saint, and then the Fundamentalist group. Hanks, T and Goetzman, G (executive producers) (Third season) “Big Love” , HBO This show – show a different side of polygamy. It shows how “Bill “ the husband Wants many lives for the after life, and he truly believe this is what his god wants. However, “Big Love” also shows the dangerous side of polygamy, and how it is easy for a male in his senior years to get his hands on a young girl. This is a entertaining and interesting show to watch about polygamy....
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