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In my finial project I am going to add visual aid for the layout of the gym. I would like my audience to understand my vision for gym down to the flooring. I believe this would also capture their attention, and they would be able to give feedback as to what is I should and shouldn’t do. This would also be very helpful to get my audience excited about what to expect from Forum Fitness. I will also add graphs to show potential financial profit. I know this will be a great tool to include. Everyone enjoys moneys. Company’s always want to hear how this will profit them. I want to demonstrate in my graph how we will have to spend some money to eventually make money. Hiring from our community to better the community.
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Unformatted text preview: Pie graphs will be vital to Forum Fitness as well. I wanted to express how Forum Fitness is not just for gaining muscle or losing weight. Forum Fitness is a fitness center before anything else. Helping people of all ages improve their health. A pie graph will be helpful to show how people continuing to go with out exercise will either become overweight, or suffer later on in life. I would also like to include some video. Testimonies from people who have been on some of the fitness programs “Forum Fitness” will offer. I know this will be helpful because it will give an idea to the audience what type of people we are helping, and the results to our program....
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