eth125_Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

eth125_Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - I chose...

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I chose African-American for this assignment. I am a biracial child; however, I look more African- American. My mother is African-American and my father Cuban. In the paper I will discuss how African-American’s were enslaved to the United States. Taken by force, and immigrated to the United States. I will be discussing prejudice, segregation, racism, institutional discrimination, and affirmative action. Since this assignment is about my race I will also include some personal experience. Racism was the beginning to segregation and prejudice. Racism has always been in the United States since slavery, and the biggest known racist group is the Ku Klux Klan. The K.K.K hate everyone who is not white. After extensive research I discovered at numerous crimes the K.K.K have commented. The one I remember most was the bombing of the four little girls at the sixteenth Baptize Church. Four little girl died in that bombing. The KKK member who bombed the church was found not guilty, fine $100, and was sentence to six month imprisonment for having dynamite. This is an example of the just how unconcerned the government was about African American. Racism was in the white house, the senate, law enforcement, and the everyday working Caucasian man. In the year 2009 racism still exist. According to CNN (2006) “experts say racism has evolved from the days of Jim Crow to the point that people may not even recognize it in themselves.” University of Connecticut professor Jack Dovidio, who has researched racism for more than 30 years, estimates up to 80 percent of white Americans have racist feelings they may not even recognize. "We've reached a point that racism is like a virus that has mutated into a new form that we don't recognize," Dovidio said. “Racism also
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eth125_Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - I chose...

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