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1. Park, M. Y. (2002). FOXNews . FOX. Retrieved from,2933,47223,00.html This article expresses the dislike for bilingual education. It briefly speaks about the test, score and how non English speaking immigrants are treated as second class citizens. A direct quote from the article, “Immersion supporters say the intent is not to shut out non-English-speaking immigrants, but to make sure they are included in the culture of the United States of America.” 2. Cheadle, B. (2005). ProQuest . Retrieved from The Article is about how the people of Quebec and the pros and cons about it. The Pros are the people from Quebec love it, and the outsiders hate it. The article also briefly touches on the job aspect. Some professionals are not being promoted because they do not know French. This article is spilt in discussion about bilingual education, and work environment. 3.
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