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In the scenario presented to me I believe John would be more venerable to drinking, drug use, skipping class, and other irresponsible actions. Since John is from a small town on Indiana, New York City can be a little overwhelming. John has also been the “popular kid.” In New York there will be thousands of kids who have better style, nicer material item, and have a better sense of this big city. John could easily fall prey to drinking, and drugs. First, it may start of as a college party. Drinking, smoking weed, and just hanging out. Then, it can turn into John hanging out with a crowd that’s not in school. Who drink and smoke on the regular. Which will eventually led skipping classes,
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Unformatted text preview: and not handing in homework assignments. The social-norm of the college students in New York can be a large difference in the two. The elaboration of likelihood is a very strong possibility. The saying misery loves company is a great example. Hypothetically, there is a teen that appeals to John’s better nature, and just makes him like he belonged. Then said, “Hey try this pill. It’s for people with ADHD but it will help you focus, and stay up all night.” Then next “Hey drink this Vodka with it. It will give you a little BUZZ!” and so on. The honest truth is John, and fall victim to drugs & alcohol, and so can Donnie....
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