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Psychodynamic Theories include Sigmund Freuds Theory. Sigmund Freud explains how someone can have neurological problems due to mental problems. When hypnotized there neurological problems would be suppressed. With Psychodynamic Freud compare the mind to an iceberg. The surface being your conscious. Below the surface preconscious and unconscious. Action done in a preconscious state of mind can be made conscious with concentration. Repression is a defense system to protect yourself from anxiety. Unlike Psychodynamic Theory, Learning Theory focuses more on the capacity of how much that person can learn, and adapt. Learning Theory focus on adapting to ones environment, and whether a person can learn traditional, behaviorism, and social- cognitive theory. Behaviorism is a early form of psychology when science was not to be believe part of psychology. Psychologist John Watson believed psychology was just a observation of behavior. Traditional learning theory’s include unconditioned stimulus ( A
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