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Axia College Material Appendix G According to Sternberg, a person can experience eight general types of love. In the following table, a type of love as identified by Sternberg is in the left column. In the center column, write the combination of components that type of love demonstrates (intimacy, passion, or commitment). In the right column, fill in the characteristics for the corresponding type of love. Type of Love Components Characteristics Non Love Does not involve an of the three type ’s of love. This may be acquaintances, casual interactions. Liking Intimacy, but not much passion or commitment A loving experience with another person or a friendship Infatuation Passion A kind of “love at first sight” Empty Love Commitment to maintain a relationship Empty love has no absence or intimacy. O ne usually tolerates one’s partner out of a sense of duty. Example: People staying together for the sake of the
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Unformatted text preview: child(ren). Romantic Love Romatic love is 100% passion and intimacy. Romantic love encourages lovers to champion the interests of the loved one even if it means sacrificing one’s own interests . They magnify each other’s positive features and overlook their flaws. Companionate Love Intimacy, and commitment This kind of love often occurs in marriages in which passionate attraction between the partners has died down and has been replaced by a kind of committed friendship Fatuous Love Passion combined with commitment. Foolish love. People may be overwhelmed by passion and make a premature commitment before true intimacy develops. Consummate Love All three. Intimacy, passion, commitment Many of us strive to attain this type of complete love in our romantic relationships. Maintaining it is often harder than achieving it....
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psy210_appendix_g[1] - child(ren). Romantic Love Romatic...

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