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In 1988 Robert Sternberg developed the three dimensions of LOVE. The first of the three is passion. I have commonly over heard someone say they were passionate about something, rather then someone. In today’s world passion for one another is hard to come by; the sexual desire is there, the attraction, but not the romance and in many cases not the love either. People feel more passion to things that can’t hurt them, and only bring them joy. Many musicians for example say they are passionate about music. In their music they pour their heart out, paint a picture of what they are feeling. There may be romance in their music, hurt, pain, tears, and so many other emotions. One can be passionate about anything. However, it is hard to be passionate about someone, and if some one is feeling that instant rush of passion it may be intimacy what one is really longing for. Intimacy can be so much more then just sex. Many young people don’t even call sex intimacy anymore. Because it is more then that intimacy can be kissing, having an
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Unformatted text preview: intimate conversation (sharing closeness and trust.) The word intimate is usually used by older people. They know what it is to have a intimate conversation with someone else without sex being the choice of subject. In my 23 years of life I have never had an intimate conversation with someone; scared that they may laugh at my innermost thoughts. Commitment is definitely a big one. This word can send a man running. Commitment can be a scaring thing. Commitment basically means you are committing yourself to this one person, and one is in it for the long haul. Men are commonly afraid of this step in the relationship, because it stands for a sacrifice. In a committed relationship certain things are expected, and one of those things is no cheating. This may be a struggle, because no both people feeling are invested into the other, and breaking your commitment to the other would hurt. So, even though we all would like a commitment it is hard to find....
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