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psy220_Attachment Style and Relationships pt.2

psy220_Attachment Style and Relationships pt.2 - As a child...

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As a child my mother was warm and very receptive. I identified her as being, “Warm/Responsive—She was generally warm and responsive. She was good at knowing when to be supportive and when to let me operate on my own. Our relationship was always comfortable, and I have no major reservations or complaints about it.” However, I identified my father as, “Ambivalent/Inconsistent—he was noticeably inconsistent in his reactions to me, sometimes warm and sometimes not. He had his own agenda, which sometimes got in the way of her/his receptiveness and responsiveness to my needs. She/he definitely loved me but didn’t always show it in the best way.” So, it was no surprise I married a man that was exactly the same as my father. I actually chose him over someone who identified more with my mother. I believe an individual attachment is definitely based on their parents, and their life style. Some women blame the men there are attached to on their parent, and I agree 85%. From personally experience my ex was exactly like my sister father. He was cold 75% of the
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