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I know I have mentioned this specific event in my life more than a few times. However, I feel that my divorce changed my life. Before I was married I considered myself funny, confident, caring, and adventurist. Then over time I felt self conscious. My ex husband would make little remarks about my body, and sometimes compare my body to other women. Then I didn’t see myself as funny anymore. I felt like I was constantly being put down there wasn’t anything to smile, and laugh about. Lastly I felt I was a caring person. If I saw someone in need of help I would have helped. I felt I was adventurist; however, after baby number two felt my place was at home, so I’d stop going out. Now five years later I have gotten my self esteem back, and I now still consider myself funny. However, I am not caring or adventurist. I don’t have that compassion I use to feel for other people. If I
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Unformatted text preview: say someone in need of help, I would probably ignore the situation. Walking away feeling as if I had enough problems in my life. I definitely feel as though my personality was influence by my ex behaviors. My self esteem came back, because he was gone from my life. However, I do not think I can get back the characteristic I had before. The trust/ care I felt for people, or the adventurism. I am to afraid to get hurt again to allow my self to believe enough in people to trust, and I feel as though I am not allowed to be adventurist now that I am a single mother. My life has changed dramatically. I guess this is where the phrase; “ I am who I am because of my past, “ came from....
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