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"It is human to have a long childhood; it is civilized to have an even longer childhood. Long childhood makes a technical and mental virtuoso out of man, but it also leaves a life-long residue of emotional immaturity in him." — Erik Homburger Erikson (1902-1994) Have you ever notice that personality traits come in opposites. You either have to be optimistic, or pessimistic. There are no names for someone being both. We are taught feeling at an early age. Along with feelings Erikson believed we are born with an ego. Erikson believed that the course of our development is based on our mind, body and cultural influences. I believe I am at the adolescence, and young adulthood stage. Getting married at such a young age I think I skipped an over this stage and went right to young adult. Looking and seeking love before I have even found myself. I often think about my teenage years, and wish I would have enjoyed them more, rather than trying to grow up to quickly. I feel a lot of regret. I often ask myself Who am I? How did I get to this point? And o.k. this is
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Unformatted text preview: where I am at today now how do I find my way? I know I am mother, a good one too. However, besides that I am lost. Before I was defined as a mother, daughter, wife, and sister. I am still the majority of those things but not being a wife anymore has turned my life upside down, and I am truly lost. I am still looking for my way life. I am only 23 yet I feel I have been through a lot. I am still working on answering these questions, but I do know I am a great mother. So, maybe that’s just who I am. I my daughter Raleigh is at early childhood. Raleigh is newly four, and seeking more independence. She has a speech delay, and I am trying to raise her to be strong. Example you can cry, but cannot dwell. She also is aware of rules, and has high expectants. She is always reminding her brother to clean up. Raleigh like her room clean, and at a young age she like order. She ask me questions seeking more independence....
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