Psy220_Optimism and Health Paper

Psy220_Optimism and Health Paper - Optimism and Health...

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Optimism and Health April 4, 2010 Bonita Martin
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What is Optimism? According to Encarta (2009), Optimism is the” tendency to believe, expect, or hope that things will turn out well; the attitude of somebody who feels positive or confident; the belief that things are continually getting better and that good will ultimately triumph over evil. “ I have read reviews from both peers & other authors, and have concluded that people without optimism tend to be depressed. They usually tend to be pessimist which is basically the opposite of optimism. In a peer article I found interesting facts about Optimism. According to Devincent, Lobel, Meyer, and Graham (2002) “An important theme emerging from the literature on prenatal maternal stress (PNMS) is that episodic or acute stress may not be as deleterious as chronic stress. One possibility is that chronic stress may be a reflection of a woman's stable disposition, or her tendency to experience her life as stressful.” So, according to the article PNMS contributes to pessimistic characteristics. It is said that prenatal maternal stress can lead to low birth weight in babies, but PNMS has not impact on whether the child lives or dies.
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Psy220_Optimism and Health Paper - Optimism and Health...

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