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Someone’s up bring plays a very serious role in how you become as an adult. I will be writing about three different adults. All different up brings. One adult one raised in a very strict home being raised by their grandmother. Adult number two in a house hold with one parent that works numerous jobs just to get by. Then adult number three. This adult is being raised in the “American dream” a mom, dad, sisters, and brothers. Adult number one raised by their grandmother. Going through adolescent stage can be very hard. The teenager may feel like they have no one to talk to because the age between grandma and grandchild is great. This may lead to he teenager reaching out to the wrong sources, with it me drugs, alcohol, sex ( to make up for some type of void.) I am no expert, but I would think a younger adult (18-24) would be able to guide this teen
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Unformatted text preview: more. Adult number two raised by a single mother. Going through adolescent can be a hard time also. This circumstance can be almost the same as have a elderly grandmother as your guardian. The teenager can feel confused, and have question and dont have anyone to ask. At least, in the first scenario there was an adult present. Of course I am not staying all teens act like that up this. Then there is the American dream. Mom, dad, brother, sister and the dog name max. This adult has a less chance of doing these things. So have two people to talk to (mom & dad) & (sister &brother.) This is also the reason why it is not highly likely for this teen to turn to drug. Alcohol is a different thing, because over the years it has become acceptable....
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