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Psy220_week three day five checkpoint

Psy220_week three day five checkpoint - social experiences...

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I definitely do believe one culture mold you into the people we are today. Some cultures teach men to disgrade women, and that is who these men are. However, it is not really fault until they become older and forum a mind of their own. Then there is the common thug. He wears his pants down under his butt, he curses, he degrade women, uneducated, and etc. But, if we where to take a look back and see where some of this behaviors began it would be a little clearer as far as their mind frames. I know baggy pants came from men in jail not having belts, and wearing oversized clothing, cursing, and degrade women came from society. Rap, and hip-hop frequently call women the “B” word, and I have experience people who feel like they have to be dumb to be cool, because the smarts nerds, and that’s right? NO WRONG! So this works hand and hand with
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Unformatted text preview: social experiences. Many want to fit in and do things that they believe will (i.e. baggy pants, cursing, degrading women.) With the four traits of nature I agree most with behavioral dispositions. This gives a name to what I described in the previous paragraph. I believe the best example for this trait is a baby is innocent and know nothing, yet pick bad habits from the parent. Same thing with people. They pick up bad habits from others. This is different from the Act frequencies. I believe this is more of one family member doing something, and a son doing the same thing. This may be a good or bad thing. However, a good example is how a dad may chew, and surprising the son chews the same way....
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