psy220_Wise Judgment Scenario

psy220_Wise Judgment Scenario - I chose a teenage girl is...

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I chose a teenage girl is “in love” with her 17-year-old boyfriend. He is encouraging her to have sex with him saying that he will make sure they only have “protected” sex. This is a common scenario that teens go through in there everyday lives. There is still some key point that is missing from this scenario; such as her age, has either talked about S.T.D, and how long these two been together. There is not information provided an immediate right or wrong. Some people use there faith so say no to premarital sex. Others believe that can truly be in love at 17, and feel this is just another way to share there love. I will use the five components of wise judgments to make a decision based on the information I’ve provided. Since this is a big deal to anyone; young or old. Emotional should be factored in, and opinions should be weighed. Peter Salovey and John Mayer’s important model of emotional intelligence (Salovey, Mayer, & Caruso, 2002) highlights four important components: Emotional perception and expression, Emotional facilitation of thought, Emotional understanding, and Emotional management. Emotional perception and expression is when you know how you feel, and can see when someone is feeling a certain emotion (whether it be based on facial expressions or words.) This can help you learn a few things about a person based on their emotions. This should be an important factor in deciding whether you would want to have sex with someone. How will they react to your feelings? Either negatively or positive. Sex is a big thing, and it can surface certain emotions. Emotional facilitation of thought is based on your mood, and if it
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psy220_Wise Judgment Scenario - I chose a teenage girl is...

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