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o What are the effects of the media’s portrayal of sexuality on adolescents’ sexual lives? Adolescents are very impressionable. When some adolescents are lost they look at other to guide them, and some turn to the media. When adolescents turn to the media there is a wide range of outcome. Some may want to be like celebrities and “own their sexuality.” Meaning having sex with who they want, when they want, and how many times they want. Then there is a new trend- sexuality. Adolescent girls and boy have been experimenting with same sex relationships, and sex. The media has such a impact on teens, and the if media tells teens it is ok to be promiscuous; then teens will do that. If the media show celebrates being with the opposite sex one week and with the same the next week; then teens will think it is fun, and just something to do. o What are some negative and some positive effects of the media’s portrayal of sexuality?
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